Technischegerät - Derzeit nur in Englisch verfügbar

Advanced rescue equipment is supplied on SRT Advanced Courses. However if you have your own equipment that you would like to bring with you, you are more than welcome.

Auto-locking Devices

If your rescue team is considering rescuing persons from high angle situations then you need to be trained and have the right equipment. Normal mountaineering equipment is only rated for a one person load. If only one person will be put on the line this is fine, especially if the device is auto locking. However if two people will be put on the line, everything needs to hold more weight (in europe 2kN is considered a rescue load). This became very apparent when drop testing was carried out on several devices at Lyon Equipment in England. Also ease of operation, whether the device can be used in more applications and transportability need to be considered, as well as cost. We are using the Petzl I.D. in our advanced program for rescue loads as we consider it to be the best Auto-locking device around that will hold a two person fall and still release afterwards. It can also be used as a personal belay device / descender / ascender or for raising and lowering a two person load. The other good two person auto locking device is the 540° rescue belay pictured above.

Rigging plates

Using a rigging plate is not necessary in many situations but it sure makes it easier. With the additional ropes used in advanced rescue situations the focus point can quickly become a mass of karabiners. A rigging plate can really help to keep things in their place making things simpler and safer for you and your team.